Sunday, September 3, 2017

Why Did I Feel So Bad?

I have good days and bad days. Little changes, like a poor night's sleep, can cause me problems for a few days. I realize that. Forgetting medication can really mess me up. Last winter I had a horrible cold and forgot to take my Lyrica for a few days. Then I started feeling even worse - the Lyrica hangover.... But then I figured it out and went back on it and felt better instantly.

I have been feeling bad off and on all week but mostly with in reason. Until yesterday. I woke up achy and sore. I didn't sleep well because I couldn't get comfortable. I had a throbbing headache. My hands were really sore on Friday - I couldn't knit because they hurt so much. By 9am yesterday, I decided I was spending the day in bed.

Then I found out my brother, his girlfriend and dog were coming for the weekend so I had to motivate. My brother has a standing invitation to come visit any time with or without kids, dog, girlfriend. Our guest room, a/k/a our finished basement is where people stay with a dog free overflow upstairs in a guestroom and the pull out couch in the livingroom. Before that text message, the basement was a disaster. All my knitting and weaving stuff was everywhere in piles, being sorted, finished, etc. So I had to motivate.

While motivating and cleaning, I realized that all my problems were pain. My pain is primarily controlled by a 7 day pain patch that I change weekly. I realized I had no idea when I had last changed my pain patch which probably means it was more than a week. I never remember what day to change it. I try to change it on the same day I fill our 7 day pill boxes but when I change filling our pill boxes because of some scheduling issue, that screws it up.

And I have no brain. I can't remember anything....

All I know is that I had so much pain yesterday that even after I put my patch on it took several hours to recover. The power of one little pain patch.

What did surprise me is the level of pain that I had.... I definitely need to talk to my doctors about that one.

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