Thursday, April 24, 2008

I am done writing

I am done writing my stupid list of pain, food and drink for my doctor. (Did you think I was done writing here? No way, you guys are stuck with me boring you forever I think. Or at least until my little adventure ends). She wanted 2 weeks worth. I did 12 days. That is close enough.

Its a pain in the butt. Trying to write down everytime it starts hurting. Well sometimes that's when I am driving my car, or out for a walk, or just not near a piece of paper and pen. And then at the end of the day I have 10,000 little pieces of paper to decipher and sort out. Yes, I could find a notebook and carry it around with me but I can't even carry around a single piece of paper, much less a notebook. So I give up. They will just have to deal.

Yesterday I got together with a friend and her daughter and we went to Garden in the Woods which promotes cultivation of local plants and flowers. It was a nice day and nice to get together. I was also very productive at home and got lots of work done. Today I need to be productive early so I can go to the beach. Which is most important. (And since I am not writing down my food any more and my cholesterol went down, after walking on the beach, I am going to have fried clams for lunch.)

I will be productive until after rush hour and then I will go. I will also be back before evening rush hour. I will use sunscreen as I have a doctor appointment tomorrow and I think it is probably a bad idea to show up with a sunburn... Doctor's don't usually think sun burns are a good thing. 'Yes doctor, I am a very healthy person. I just like to fry myself in the sun.' No probably won't cut it. I will use sunscreen - SPF 30. (My mother reads this so I have to make sure she knows I take care of myself.)

I did go to the dentist yesterday and my teeth are fine. No cavities. No need for anything additional - just come back in six months for another cleaning. Finally, a positive medical outcome!

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