Saturday, April 12, 2008

List vs. list

I am sure I amazed my doctor so much with my lists, that she asked me to make another one. She wants me to write down everything I eat for the next two weeks (my oh-so-healthy eating habits will be unveiled) and every time I get a pain in my side. This is going to be quite a list. I started it while waiting for my 'forwarding' instructions. (I am rather surprised how often I get the pains. They do not seem to correlate to eating anything. For example, I am sitting here at my computer, and I get a pain. Grr...) In addition, she wants me to see a dermatologist for my rash instead of waiting, get a bone density scan, and have a fasting blood test. I did have a chest x-ray as well. I also have to go back to see her in 8 weeks as a follow up. I knew I wasn't going to get out of more visits to Lahey. It is becoming my home away from home. My next scheduled visit on Wednesday will be my 50th visit this year. I think I should get a frequent parking discount at the parking garage.

Incidentally, there were no significant sightings yesterday in the parking garage but on the way there I did see one highly skilled driver. I am not sure he understands that it is possible to make a right turn without crossing the double yellow line.

Actually, yesterday turned into a very busy day. After my enjoyable hour and a half at Lahey, which actually wasn't too bad, I ran a million errands, did some work from home, met a friend for a walk, went to the library, and got my nails done (in a suitable lady like color - no more screaming orange - for my upcoming job interview). Yep, I have an interview for a real job on Tuesday. Part time but they will pay me what I want. I am very excited. If it pans out, then I would only go in to the office one day a week and the rest would be work from home. I would also have enough money to not feel poor all the time. It also means I need to put some more organization into my office. Pile management only works so well and the cat doesn't understand he can't walk on them...

Lahey was very deceptive by the way. I brought my book for insurance against a long wait and it worked. I waited maybe five minutes for the doctor. Then when I went to x-ray, their sign was up that said 'currently the wait for a diagnostic x-ray is 30 minutes'. I thought - well at least I brought my book. However, I don't think they can tell time in x-ray. I sat down, read one page of my book, and they called my name. I was out in five minutes after my arrival.

My big purchase yesterday was 'composted manure'. Better than buying organic compost - at $8/bag, I found crates of composted manure for $5 each. I now am the proud owner of two crates of poop, for lack of a better term. I will put one in the gardens in the upper level in the front and one in the gardens in the lower level in the back. All it has to do is stop raining so I can get to work. Voila. No more big math problem!

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