Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It just occurred to me...

Tomorrow I see my therapist and then I don't have a doctor appointment for three weeks. What will I do with my time? I just don't know. Its been so long since I have had a gap this long in medical appointments - probably last May, which would be a year ago. (Now that's very depressing!) I will (NOT) miss my trips to the Lahey and I will (NOT) miss my parking lot and parking garage adventures.

Perhaps now will be the time to do other things - like work, get another job, garden, go for walks, eat yummy food... No wait, I can't do that. I am stuck in fat free land. I already do all the other things. I know. Perhaps it is time to get a life? There is a concept. I will have to consider that.

Needless to say, fat free land seems to be doing some of the right things. My gall bladder is on somewhat better terms with the rest of my body. However I really wouldn't mind having toast with butter on it or real salad dressing on my salad. Nothing fancy. Perhaps a tiny bit of cheese? (I am a secret cheese addict. Perhaps I am Gromit's clone or something...) I could live on cheese. Now I am deprived and it is the worst part! Turkey burgers again for dinner and mine will have mustard and lettuce. Walter's will have cheese. I can see Trader Joe's from my kitchen window and they have quite a display of cheese on sale. I know its there and I can't have any!!!

Yesterday I actually worked for nearly nine hours which is probably longer than I meant to but shows that I am getting better since I lasted that long. I hope I can make it through two more long days this week where I am a volunteer at a conference.

Last night our goal was to make a dinner reservation for our anniversary. I called a few restaurants and got an idea of price ranges and menus because I want to make sure I can go to dinner in a nice restaurant but stay in fat free land. One restaurant we selected said they make everything to order and that sounded fine. So I called back to make a reservation and they said 'would you like the regular dining room or the gourmet dining room?' and suggested I go look on the internet at their menus to decide. Now when I first called and asked about menus, don't you think that would have been the right time to say 'we have two menus'. Another rocket scientist in the making. Actually both people I spoke to are clearly rocket scientists, the first one for not telling me about the second menu and the second one for sending an interested customer away - lost the opportunity to make a sale. Maybe I could get a job there answering the phone and not turning people away. But wait, they probably serve cheese...

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