Friday, April 18, 2008

They make these things so complicated

So I picked up my prescription of steroid cream yesterday. You would think this isn't hard. Take tube, put it on your skin where you have the rash, and voila you are done. Well no. First of all, because it might irritate my skin (isn't this what we are trying to cure?), I am only supposed to be a dot on each dot. Okay, sort of paint by numbers... I can handle this. But also, my skin is supposed to be wet when I apply it. Then I am supposed to moisturize too. And I am supposed to do this twice a day. So should I start showering twice daily so my skin is wet? Doesn't the action of putting on moisturizer wipe off the ointment?

Finally, you think they could do something with their package design. Over the course of my adventures, I now have received three prescriptions of ointments in tubes. They have totally different uses. As part of trying to prevent prescription confusion, you think they might make the tubes look a little different. I feel like this is packaging from a former Soviet bloc country during the cold war. Or maybe because it is the generic equivalents, that the packaging is so blah. No big drug company revenues to design something that looks different than the others.

Enough whining for today. Well, I am sure I can come up with more whining but it is much more beneficial when there is someone home to whine to. The cat just doesn't care as long as his food dish is full. I just opened the window in my office and I think I just made his day. Not only can he see stuff, he can hear the birds and smell the squirrels he wants to catch.

To prevent future charley horses, yesterday I bought two yellow bananas (and promptly ate one) and five green ones. I also drank lots of water. I even remembered to take my vitamins. No charley horses last night!

So I started my big complicated list of everything I eat and drink and when I get pains. That is getting so complicated. I have decided to narrow it down. Every time I eat or drink something I write it down. Then I also write down significant pains as opposed to the ongoing ones that I had learned to ignore. Now my list is shorter each day than before.

Otherwise, today is going to be a good day. I get to work at home. Which I will do until it warms up to the mid-70s that are promised. Then I will quit work (one of the perks from working at home) and go for a walk and garden. Then we are going out to dinner. See - minor return of the social life. My flowers are starting to bloom. Perhaps I will take more pictures today of them.

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