Sunday, February 5, 2012

Exercise, Schmexercise

Go exercise they tell us. (Who are 'they' anyway?) We say we will but do we ever? Have you seen the commercial on TV about the couple who makes the lamest excuses not to go to the gym? I can't even remember what its for but I just remember some really lame excuses. I have used some myself - 'I don't feel like it', 'I have to clean the cat box', 'I went to the gym yesterday', and 'I need to catch up on my DVR watching'. If you want more, I'm happy to come up with them.

Truth be told, I used to go for a daily walk but I wasn't deflabbing properly so I joined a gym which I never went to because the machines were complicated and they made my back hurt. So then I joined a fancy gym with trainers and many dilapidated people like me. They gave me an exercise plan which accounts for my dilapidation. I have since learned that I can only go to the gym every other day. If I attempt to go two days in a row, my body revolts and I end up horizontal as I recover. My current solution is to go to the gym Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and go for a walk on one of the weekend days. I did not go yesterday. This means I need to go for a walk today even though its colder out today. Maybe I'll be whiney as I go for my walk.

Exercise is a good thing. It doesn't have to be as complicated or as expensive as going to the gym - you have two feet so use them.  I can go on and on about exercise at any time but here are some real facts from professional medical people who actually aren't making things up:

Research has shown that exercise can help:
  • keep your body fat at a healthy percentage
  • keep your weight at a healthy level
  • lower your risk of many diseases, including breast cancer
  • reduce the risk of breast cancer coming back if you’ve been diagnosed
  • keep your bones strong and ward off osteoporosis
  • improve your mood
  • improve sleep quality
That little line about lowering your risk of cancer is a subtle hint. But I am proof you can get cancer even if you exercise. So all this tells us is 'they' (whoever they are) don't know crap. 

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