Friday, February 17, 2012

Too creepy for me

I am not sure I am ready for the latest in medical technology. Its just creepy. First how does an implanted chip that automatically releases doses of medication either timed release, when wirelessly told to by your doctor, or when something triggers the dose. What happened to taking an aspirin when you get a headache? Or is this for stupid people who don't remember their medications? I use the high tech weekly pill box to manage my medications. And if they implant this thing - the size of a domino (which sounds huge) - they need to repeat the implant when it runs out. No way. Not me. (Chills running down my spine at that one.)

Or if that isn't creepy enough, how about little robots made from your own DNA that are roaming around your body on demand with instructions to kill off or reprogram diseased cells. Why am I thinking of borgs right now? 'Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.' This is just too creepy for me.

I am waiting for medical advances to solve all my medical ailments but I am not sure I am ready for implants and robots inside me. Icky-poo!

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