Friday, February 3, 2012

I have no inspiration this morning

I have put myself in to a corner. I always blog every morning and feel if I don't blog people will wonder what happened to me. I very rarely skip a day - only when I am far, far away from internet access - which still can happen. Last time that happened I had to leave the country. But now I feel guilt if I miss a day - am I letting down my loyal readers - who ever you may be? I know people read my blog (because I can see statistics that tell me how many of you there are each day) but I am not sure I know who most of you are.

I usually keep a mental list of topics to write about which is usually based on current tabs open in my browser. This monring I have three tabs waiting for me to write about - how the farm bill will affect consumers, the latest issue of Artemis from Johns Hopkins which is always good for some technical medical stuff, and an article where I am trying to dig up sympathy for the drug companies who claim they will have a bad year in 2012. I am just not motivated.

Maybe this is because I am over scheduled today. I hate it when I do this to myself but I have four appointments today which involve driving from one to the next. I also need to go to the grocery store, the drug store, and return something at HomeGoods. I really wanted to stop by the new consignment store I heard about. And I need to do some work today. Oh and my back hurts.

Otherwise, I am doing okay these days. I don't think I have blogged about my health recently. My biggest problem is my back these days (and that pesky cancer crap). I am having a radiofrequency ablation of nerves in my spine (heated needles stuck into my back while I am thankfully sedated) next Thursday which should help. Then I want to talk to my doctor about my pain meds which don't seem to be helping much. I do have a six month follow up and ultrasound with my endocrinologist coming up as well as a six month visit with my oncologist. I am just ignoring them until they happen. That is my superior 'fight or flight' mentality that keeps me sane.

But life goes on. I bit the bullet and upgraded to the new Facebook timeline without having a nervous breakdown. I am now ignoring the Komen/Planned Parenthood controversy as I blogged about it yesterday and got it out of my system. I believe there is a presidential campaign going on which I am ignoring. I also think there is a big football game this weekend. We will have some special snacks, I will read a book during the game, and watch the commercials until I get bored - which could only be in the first quarter. I have never figured out football and don't think I ever will but I am happy to explain the fine details of figuring skating and most of its new scoring system if you ever have a question.

That is my uninspired blog post. We will return to regular programming tomorrow (I hope).

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