Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wallet, keys, brain cells?

In our house, those are the questions we must ask ourselves as we go out the door every morning. Wallet and keys go with out saying as you can't get very far without them. Brain cells are defined as:

- where am I going?
- what am I doing?
- when will I be home?
- am I dressed appropriately?
- did I feed the cat?
- did I lock the door?
- did I brush my teeth?
- did I take my pills?
- did I have breakfast?
- do I need lunch?
- sunglasses?
- water bottle?
- do I need anything else?
- and the list goes on.

The purpose of this question is to avoid that 'oh damn' moment 1/2 mile from home forcing a u-turn and a delayed start as we return for the rest of what we need. And to avoid the second and third or more 'oh damn' moments as it takes multiple tries to get out the door with everyone.

If I was 'perfect' (and a healthy person), this would never happen but as I am a 'sort of' healthy person with chemo brain (my excuse for the rest of my life), this is a daily occurrence. Today I am going to work so I need lunch, water bottle, mail I need to drop off, sun glasses (I think it will be a sunny day), cell phone, and probably a few more things before I can get out the door. I still need to brush my teeth but I have already taken my pills, showered, and eaten breakfast so I am feeling virtuous (for a moment or two). I might even leave early for work.

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