Sunday, March 4, 2012

I am undecided

I am undecided today. While I wish there was a cure for cancer (wouldn't that be nice?) I also wish there was a cure for the common cold. I am in day 5 of an evil cold. I have been doing all the right things. I first felt bad on Wednesday and was in my pajamas at 5pm,  in bed by 7, with the light out by 8. Thursday I stayed up slightly later. Friday even a little later. Yesterday I decided to pretend I was healthy and made it through 30 minutes at the gym and a trip to Costco. Today I woke up at 130am all congested, and no I did not get back to sleep. (I may slip into crabby mode a little later as a result.) In December I had another evil cold for 16 days that interfered with all my holiday preparations. I am getting a little fed up with this health business interfering with my desires to have a normal life.

Why can't there be a cure for both the common cold and cancer?? That would be the perfect world. Actually there are many medical ailments out there that could use a cure. And, no, there is not an evil conspiracy by the government, aliens, giant corporations or anyone else to make money off the rest of us while hiding the true cures for all ailments. Nor will you be healed by clicking on a link or sending $100 to some 'dude' somewhere  who has discovered the cure for whatever ails you - and you know this because he sent you an email where your name was only slightly misspelled.

Maybe what we all need to tide us over until the cures are found is a reverse voodoo doll where we can stick pins in it and relieve our symptoms. I don't know I'm clutching at straws here or having a pipe dream or whatever, but frankly I am sick of being the patient patient who goes from doctor appointment to doctor appointment. I am really just sick of being sick.

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Nancy's Point said...

Being the patient patient does get old doesn't it? Sorry you've had such a miserable cold. Hang in there, it can't last too much longer.

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