Thursday, March 22, 2012

I only wrote a blog

You hear the stories about how people who get through cancer, or other life changing events, do something to give back - to give their life more value. I have a blog. This gentleman, on the other hand, has set an example for all of us.

I wrote a blog which started as my way of communicating about my wonderful cancer roller coaster. Now I hope it helps other people by showing their is life after cancer but allows me to continue to offer my opinion on all sorts of things. But I am an underachiever in comparison.

Mr. Huntsman has created a cancer institute and has donated more than one billion (that's right a 'b' not an 'm') to help others. He had has cancer four times - I am happy not to compete with that number - and therefore has a special insight into what its like to go through diagnosis and treatment. We should all try to be like him and help others as much as we can.

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Renn @ The Big C and Me said...

Awesome. Thanks for sharing! I loved his line at the end, that he would like to end all cancers and turn the cancer center into a five-star hotel. Props to this man. And what a great idea to have "pretty views" in the chemo and patient rooms!

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