Saturday, March 10, 2012

More on health care reform

When the health care reform law was passed in 2010 (was it really two years ago?), nearly half of Americans were against it. That has changed to 32% are against it. In those two years, I have heard many stories of people who were against it and then found they were finally eligible for health insurance with the new laws. Or I know people who due to a cancer diagnosis had a pre-existing condition and could not find insurance until this new law went into effect.  There are still people who appreciate the benefits of the law for themselves but still do not think its good for the country.

Seniors have the strongest opposition as they are concerned that Medicare cuts were used to finance cover for younger, unhealthy people. Okay, I have a problem with this one. Medicare is a government benefit - the key word is BENEFIT. I know its not perfect and doesn't cover everything. If it did, that would be socialized medicine as is common in European nations. And that's one of the big concerns a lot of opponents have - that the new health care is socialized medicine. So let me get this straight, you want the benefits of socialized medicine but don't want socialized medicine?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion (and my blog is clearly full of my opinions) but sometimes I don't understand other people's brains. Not that I understand my brain always either. My opinion on this is it happened, the Supreme Court is going to make a decision or three about it, and you can't undo it. The Supreme Court can say its unconstitutional and if they do, how are we going to take away insurance from all those people who now have it and couldn't have it before? 'I'm sorry ma'am, we are going to have to discontinue your chemotherapy as you no longer have insurance.'

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