Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What to do with all my time?

I have finally reached a point in my 'new normal' life after cancer number two where I seem to have gaps in my schedule. I was trying to pin point what happened and I decided it must be because I have been going to the doctor less and currently have no ailment which requires PT. In January, I had one appointment at the beginning of the month and then another at the very end of the month. In February I had a couple of medical adventures and then a week with three or four. Through some schedule juggling, I had two appointments last week and don't have another until the end of the month. I think I have two on my calendar for April. In May I have two days with medical adventures planned.

Combine this with a slackening in my work schedule for one job where now I only need to go there two days a week instead of the three I had been going in for the last six months, I have gaps in my schedule. What about the rest of my time? Maybe I need to start having a life again. I could work more, um, doubtful. House cleaning - um, no. I could work on my knitting more. I could garden and go for walks more when the weather warms up. Yesterday I worked from home, went for a walk with a friend (where we ran into two adult coyotes in a local park), and had time to attempt to make homemade pasta. (Note to self: next time make sure you have enough flour before starting so you don't have to substitute coarse ground whole wheat.)

Today I get to go to the gym, work from home, and go to a seminar this afternoon. Then I might even be able to work in the garden and clean dead winter stuff out for a bit.

I haven't had this much time on my hands in years. Before cancer number two, I was working full time and didn't have as much time. Now I work 30 hours/week and, with fewer doctor appointments, I have time to do the things I enjoy with out running from one thing to the next.

(And the advice I received on what to do when you see a coyote - stop, look at the camera, say 'beep, beep!' and dash off.)

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