Friday, March 16, 2012

They did it again

Once again, they changed their mind. This is the proverbial 'them' who create these vast conspiracies to oust political candidates, were the ones who really broke the window, or the the ones who change medical standards. Yes, more medical standards are changed in a vast plot to confuse the patients. Now we do not need annual pap smears, one every three to five years, depending on age and who you listen to.

In the 1930's they started suggesting annual pap smears as cervical cancer was the number one killer of women, more than breast cancer and lung cancer. Now only 4,000 women are died of cervical cancer and most had never been screened for cervical cancer or it was more than ten years prior.

I am confused. If women who aren't screened are the ones who are dying of cervical cancer and the women who are screened are not dying of it, why don't we need to be screened. Doesn't this put us all in the category of being unscreened or potentially dying of cervical cancer?

The suggestion is that if a woman has normal pap smears for three years can go to once every three years as it is a slow growing cancer. I'm all for less testing but don't we all need some testing? I don't know, I am confused. I'll have to think about this one for a bit.

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