Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cancer blood test

Here's some more promising news. A group in Kansas has developed a blood test which can detect breast and lung cancer in its early stages. This is cool.

Cancer caught in its earlier stages leads to better outcomes. Breast cancer is most often caught in stage II and lung cancer in stage III or IV. If a blood test can catch breast cancer in stage 0 or I and lung cancer in stage I or II, more people will live longer.  They are also testing it on pancreatic cancer.

This means high risk groups could get regular blood tests as screening for these cancers.

However, (of course there is a caveat) it is a relatively small study and it is not yet approved.  But it might mean moving to Kansas is a good idea.

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AnneMarie Ciccarella said...

This IS very cool..... I love that young man who won the Intel award (was it changed to someone else) for his pancreatic cancer test. Jack Andraka.... I wrote a blog about his discovery. QUITE impressive. Young minds thinking outside the box....

It's exciting stuff.... I'll move to Kansas and click those heels three times..... "Must Find a Cure" ....

Great to do a REAL LIFE hug!