Monday, October 29, 2012

Living with cancer stories

Cure magazine has posted a lengthy article on new treatments for ER positive breast cancers and featured two of my fellow bloggers in it. The first one they introduce is Jill Cohen who's blog is 'Dancing with Cancer, Living with Mets; the New Normal'. I have always admired Jill as she has passed all the statistics with living with Stage IV breast cancer since 2002 - thats ten years. Ann Silberman is the other blogger who writes 'Breast Cancer? But Doctor I Hate Pink!' and writes about living with stage IV breast cancer in a very humorous way.

Back to the article, it is full of descriptions of how the hormonal drugs work and some new combinations and, more importantly, new advances. Click here for a timeline showing the progress of how research has changed the face of treating Estrogen positive breast cancers including the approval in 2012 for a new treatment for metastatic breast cancer.

I always like to read optimistic stories that show the progress that is being made in treatment of breast and other cancers. And reading others' blogs as they cope with their treatment helps me cope as well.

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