Monday, October 22, 2012

Nope, rule changing is not allowed

I'm sorry but rule changing is not allowed. We have been good patients and gone for yearly checkups and now they want to change the rules. This is not allowed. I will not allow it. I have been good and now they want ot change the rules and say I have been bad. Not acceptable.

A Danish study recently concluded that regular health checkups may not be doing any good and may in fact be doing harm. The claim is that regular checkups do not decrease deaths from cancer or heart disease and also cause more testing, false positive and negative tests, and emotional and financial stress for the patients.

Hmmm.... Well I'm not agreeing with that one anytime soon. My cancers were both found by medical professionals or tests so I'm glad I had regular check ups.

"The authors conclude that more research is needed to target better methods for identifying disease and to further explore the possible misleading and harmful effects of general health check-ups."

So what this is really telling me is that its not the health checkups that are the problem is that research is needed to come up with better ways to diagnose ailments. So all the researchers did is guarantee themselves their jobs. I'm still going to my regular check ups. No rule changing allowed with out basis.

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