Thursday, October 4, 2012

The cost of cancer care

New drugs are developed which offer hope to many with late stage cancers. You can't really put a price on a human life and some how I think that drug manufacturers know this so they have no problems charging these outrageous prices. One was $120,000 for FOUR doses. Another is $10,000 per month. A third is $80,000/year.

If you are in a clinical trial you get the drugs free. So obviously they can afford to give them away. So if you are paying are you paying for the free ones that went to other people and for all the research costs? I wonder what these cost outside the US. There should be some kind of global pricing standard for medications.

And then for these drugs a success rate of 40-50% is considered good. It means the patients are still alive.

The whole hope is to keep patients alive but if they die bankrupt because of their medical bills they probably couldn't afford much in the last few weeks to enjoy life?

Something is broken here in many ways.

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