Friday, June 7, 2013

A taste of my new life

Yesterday I had a fairly enjoyable day. Well not perfect but pretty darn good. Wednesday night was methotrexate injection night, where I keep my eyes closed and my husband injects me. We used to do this on Wednesday mornings but have found that I feel nauseous and pretty awful for a few hours so we decided let's switch it to evenings so I won't be trying to work through it.

So much for that idea as I spent the evening nauseous and woke up at 1130 at night running to the bathroom. I didn't throw up but I felt like I would. Then I slept off and on for the rest of the night. In the morning I was a wreck so I actually called in sick and spent the morning at home. I spent most of the morning feeling nauseous so I passed the time knitting on the living room couch (supported by the cat) with periodic forays out to the garden to do a little weeding. I had a banana and toast for breakfast so as not to tempt fate. Eventually I ate a some lunch and felt better.

My afternoon ended with a dentist appointment which was immediately counterbalanced by a mani/pedicure. So to counteract the news that I need some periodontal work, I have fuschia toe nails.

But I digress. I feel rested and got plenty of sleep last night. That is a taste of my new life I can get used to.

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