Tuesday, June 4, 2013


As I now am happily employed at one job instead of two and have cut back at some volunteer efforts, I feel I am achieving some kind of work/life/health balance where I might be able to get enough rest as well as cash flow and not feel as if I'm running from one thing to another all day long.

My other job is almost at its end. I do need to tie up some last loose ends but that's it. I think they think I am leaving to work full time at another job but I'm not. Its because I have to cut back. This is very frustrating to me. But now its over.

I will miss parts of that job but life is all about balance. And my health is taking more of its share in this work/life/health balance than previously. I work my three day work weeks and then feel exhausted and need more rest.

I hope that my RA will get under control and I get more energy back. That would be nice. I go back to that doctor in about a month or so and will see how I am doing then. But for now I will have some sort of work/life/health balance (even if not mentally balanced).

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