Thursday, June 27, 2013

What if Chemo came the last resort instead of the first wave of treatment?

That would be awesome. Right now most cancers are automatically treated with chemo, radiation and surgery. But with the development of individualized treatment and molecular medications, chemotherapy may be going the way of the past.

This is a huge advance in cancer treatment and looks like it is not so far fetched. When I first saw this article I was very surprised but glad to see it.

It had never occurred to me that cancer could be treated with out chemotherapy. In my mind I was leaning towards chemo regimens that were not as harsh on the patient than in the past.

So optimism reigns in cancer land these days.

By the way yesterday's procedure went pretty well, some pain as a result but that should go away in a day or two. I'm taking it easy today and back to work tomorrow.

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