Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Time passes by

I used to keep a running list of things I wanted to ask my doctors at upcoming appointments. For instance if a doctor said 'we need to keep an eye on that' I would write it down and then next time I went to see them, I would ask about that.

Next week I think I have my annual physical. I am scrambling to put together my list of questions. I started it last night, lost the piece of paper (already) and thought up a bunch more things to ask about. And will now have to start another list on another piece of paper (that I can potentially lose as well). I may be up to a notebook by the time my appointment rolls around sometime next week.

I don't even know when my appointment is. It is sometime soon. If I could find my phone (probably with my list) I could look it up.

This is a complete turnabout from my stress level of say five years ago.... which leads me to realize that my blog is now six years old and that means I am six years from my breast cancer diagnosis. This is blog post 2152 to be exact. How the hell did that happen?

A lot has happened in that time period. A few hundred doctor appointments, five surgeries, a billion or two procedures, blood tests, and things that might make me 'feel a pinch' later I am still alive and kicking. Sort of, right now my back hurts so much I can barely breathe and I'm waiting for a pain pill to kick in so I can go to work.

I still have at least ten doctor appointments scheduled for the coming three months - that's been the standard for the past six years. (The hospital appointment lists show a maximum of ten appointments so I never know how many more than that I have upcoming.) I still have way too many doctors I see on a regular basis. Now I just have to figure out what I am going to talk to them about when I see them. I have to make a list or ten.

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n said...

Funny I'm reading this today. I just had my annual "normal" physical with my general practitioner yesterday. It was a lengthy meeting to say the least! I went in with an extensive list of stuff to cover. I have a whole new respect for GPs. Maybe I'll have to write a post about it sometime. Ha. Congrats on the six year mark and all those posts! You're amazing! Good luck at your appointment.

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