Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Blah, blah, blah - with your medical history we have to be sure

Yesterday I had my annual physical. Or Woman Wellness Exam or whatever the correct term is for it these days.

It did start off interestingly while I was waiting to check in at the desk, there was a woman who was being told she can't call the doctor's office every day making demands, should go back to her psychiatrist, and perhaps become an inpatient at a psychiatric facility. We'll just say that I was very happy that was not me. My health/mental stability is not that bad.

My primary care, who I like, just had a baby and is out for the summer on maternity leave so I met with her nurse practitioner who was one I had not met before. She was very nice and very thorough in her questioning after she let me go through my list of questions. We talked about my ganglion cyst which makes my wrist hurt, we talked about my arthritis, we talked about back pain, car accident, back procedures, previous surgeries, my general health, how much I exercise, and more. Then she examined me and thought I was pretty normal (wow!).

I left with two to-do items - one is a cholesterol blood test which can be done the next time I have blood work done - every two months for rheumatoid, every six months for thyroid - so whenever the next one rolls around.

The other is a much bigger test (where I might feel a 'little pinch') that she wants done in the next two weeks. I can understand wanting the test but I didn't realize she considered it to be more urgent. That part I don't like. I'm not looking forward to the test itself but really dislike it when I have tests which must be done right away.

Grrr.... All the little 'what if' voices in your head start to kick in when I have 'urgent' tests.

It is scheduled for July 5 - which is fine because we had no plans to go away for the weekend - which is 2 1/2 weeks. I have no idea why it is so urgent. But of course I get to stress about it. I will take my avoidance mode until then and discuss it in more detail when I feel like it.

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