Monday, November 25, 2013

Blood tests for breast cancer?

You mean maybe we could skip the annual mammogram and just have another blood test? That would be too cool. Now I couldn't read the article without subscribing to another magazine but suffice to say the abstract is promising enough:

"A new blood test may be able to detect the early stages of breast cancer, researchers say. Scheduled to begin vigorous clinical testing in early 2014, the test successfully identified the presence of breast cancer cells from serum biomarkers in preliminary testing, a huge step forward that could make breast cancer testing more widespread and more regularly detected early..."

Wouldn't it be nice if a test could be replaced by a blood test? How much money would be saved? How much time could be saved? Mammograms and MRIs only after an older age - 55? - or for high risk groups? This is something I would call progress - of the good kind.

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