Saturday, November 16, 2013

Damn, more meds!

And an expensive one at that. My pain doctor put me back on Lyrica. We tried it about four years ago for the nerve pain issues I was having with my back. We decided it didn't really work for me after about 9 months so I went off it. But now that I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, my doctor is suggesting I try Lyrica again.

I don't have a problem with it. My fibro pain has been pretty bad. Just sitting still, knitting, watching TV, driving, or whatever, all of a sudden I will get a bone deep pain in my arm that shoots up to about a 9 or so. Then it goes away. So its no like you can treat it specifically. Sometimes I ice it afterwards if there is any residual achiness. I get other pains as well.

These are all signs that my fibro is active. The decision at my diagnosis was to treat my RA first and see if we can get it under control and then focus on my fibro. So now we are at that point.

I went and picked up my prescription yesterday and took my first dose - twice a day. That's where the problems started. First I have to talk to my insurance and see if I can get it cheaper - $70/month right now!!!

Next I have to figure out when I can take it in the morning. The Lyrica bottle says I can take it with any other medications as it doesn't interact. The other pill I take in the morning, Levothyroxine or synthroid, clearly states take one hour before or four hours after eating. Do not take other medications or vitamins for four hours. So now I have to call the pharmacist and get a real answer.

Finally I have to talk to my meds therapist about interactions with my other medications. This is what I have to do after most new prescriptions

Adding one more medication is not easy. I am on a lot of different things that cause different interactions. Some pain medications and some anti depressants work the same way or in different ways that can cause problems.

This is complicated..... Crap.

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