Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I'm still me.

I may not be the same as I was ten years ago, five years ago, or even a year ago but I am still me.

I don't work as much as I used to. I go to the doctor more than any normal person. This year I should end up with just under 50 doctor appointments - which is down from a high of 80 or so a year.

I don't get out and do as much outside as I used to - skiing, skating, hiking, biking, roller blading and more have gone by the way side.

But I still do the things I like to do that I can. I just know they can take a lot out of me.

I feel sometimes I am the recipient of blame or finger pointing for all my health issues. Its not intentional but I know I have to control what I do so I spend fewer hours in pain recovering from what were previously normal activities. I am getting better at saying no to requests for things. I am learning to stand my ground and walk away from opportunities that would overtire me.

My husband makes dinner probably twice a week now. I also try to make something each week which can be eaten for a few nights. Going out to dinner can take more energy than I want to use.

But I'm still me. I just don't move as fast and need lots of naps.


Unknown said...

You must fight.
I was fighting against a stage IV cancer and i won, lucky my husband who helped me all the time.I think it is very important that family support to win, because i was very weak;really helped me participate in one group of victims of cancer, so my mood improved, also helped me a adviser of advisercancer-diseases.com(they are doctors).I recomended not surrender, because sometimes the first treatment does not work as me, and change doctors if it is necessary.Read positive thinking books gave me more energy.During my cancer,i changed my diet,now i eat vegetarian organic food(now i not eat meat).I think is a set of things that help me.

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