Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Delays can cost lives

Back in early Pinktober, Good Morning America had a 'Pink' Day and had one of their staff, Amy Robach, have an on air mastectomy. Now she is told that she has breast cancer and that the mastectomy saved her life. Now that may be a bit overly dramatic but she had skipped her mammogram at age 40.

A family member, who shall remain nameless, was given a pass by their PCP for a colonoscopy at age 51 instead of age 50. At 51, they had a giant malignant polyp and they could not get clear margins, so they had a colectomy to ensure there was no more cancer. What if they had continued to skip their colonsocopies?

A new study found that young women diagnosed with breast cancer who do not have a lot of money face delays in their treatment which could lead to the higher mortality rates experienced by them.

What does this tell us? Delays are not good. It probably is not a good idea to delay testing and treatment when dealing with cancer.

PS Obviously it is not a profound kind of day for me. This was a pretty lame post.

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