Monday, March 17, 2014

Elusive sleep

Once again a night of oh so elusive sleep. I can't even blame the cat. Saturday night he insisted on trying to wake me up all night long, alternating with periods of sitting on me that made my back hurt. I was a tad grumpy as a result and ended up cancelling on long scheduled plans with friends to go to a museum which I would have enjoyed.

One of the lovely benefits side effects of fibromyalgia is disturbed sleep. I know I have blogged about this before but I blog in the morning and lack of sleep is often on my mind. Maybe I don't feel as well because I want to go pick up some test results from last week  that I want to read before waiting for doctors to get back to me. A much more efficient system for me.

I also might be cranky about work. I really do like my job. I was hired as a part timer May 2009 and I assumed no benefits. About  a year later I noticed on my pay stub I was acruing paid time off. So I asked and was told yes it was true and I could use it. Then the big boss noticed this last week and I think that is going away. The problem is if you mistakenly gave an employee a benefit, you can't suddenly take it away with out some resentment. So this week I am mad at my job.

I'll get over it I'm sure but in the meantime I'm cranky. And lack of sleep doesn't help.

But its a dark and cold Monday morning. When I say cold, its in the upper teens right now, with a high due of upper 20s. Average is 43. I would prefer 43. Instead of 18 dark cold degrees right now.

See I'm cranky from lack of sleep. And maybe test results. I hope I sleep tonight. I don't want to be cranky all week!

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