Saturday, March 1, 2014

Life Changes

As I look back on my life for the past few years, I see changes. Back in the dark ages, before that second evil cancer, I used to be a focused business person. I was the marketing manager or director for different companies and non profits. I worked full time, in downtown Boston, and I dressed up for work every day. I went to the doctor maybe 6 times a year. (I have never been the one doctor appointment a year girl).

Now I go to the doctor on the average of weekly. I have held my current part time job for almost five years where I work 18 hours each week when I can which has gotten more and more difficult. Even in the five years since I have held that job, I can see more changes. Even in the last 18 months since RA and fibromyalgia showed up, more changes.

I never thought I would be someone who sat around and watched Lifetime movies, HGTV, and even some (gasp) reality TV. I also knit/crochet, read, and surf the evil internet.

Now I carefully plan what I do to allow for downtime and rest. I look for the quality of life in the things I do. I try to help others as much as I can. I have adapted (mostly I think) successfully. But life continues to change. And it will.

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