Saturday, March 8, 2014

I used to be jealous

Back in 2007 when I had radiation for my breast cancer. I had to undergo the traditional radiation treatment which meant 37 visits spread over 7 weeks - five days a week that lasted FOREVER. I knew people online who were getting the short version and getting radiation for five days - brachytherapy - with two visits a day. I was jealous because I was (and still am) sick of going to the (damn) hospital.

I had asked at the time and was told by my radiation oncologist that they did not offer the shorter option nor did most hospitals in Boston at that time. A few years later I attended a conference where I learned they were starting to offer the shorter option as well as expanding their other services.

Now new research on women over sixty who had brachytherapy after a lumpectomy are more likely to have a mastectomy five years later. They were more likely to have treatment complications that resulted in the mastectomies.

ASTRO is considering new guidelines for who would most benefit from brachytherapy and cautionary and unsuitable criteria. The number one criteria seems to be that it is best for women over sixty.

Since I do not fit their criteria I am glad I did not get brachytherapy as it could have increased risk for mastectomy. I am not jealous any more.


Kathryn said...

I think we all think this kind of thing from time to time, glad in this case things worked out or the best for you, at least in hindsight!

tccomments2013 said...

it is always a breathe-a-sigh of relief when we find that something we questioned about treatment in the past works out to be in our favor after all. so happy that's the case for you!

much love and light,

Karen xoxo

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