Monday, March 31, 2014


Healthline as part of their numerous efforts in caring for and providing information to patients has put together 14 inspiring breast cancer quotes. A few are below and you can see the rest here.


P said...

There seems to be social pressure on cancer sufferers to be positive.

Why should we be positive - there is nothing positive about cancer - it is a horrible disease.

But we can be hopeful and optimistic which is quite different.

There is an old old story:
A pilgrim met a strange figure on the road to Baghdad. "Who are you?" asked the pilgrim. "I am the Plague," was the reply. "I am going to Baghdad to kill a thousand people."

On his return journey the pilgrim met the Plague again. "You lied - there were ten thousand deaths there"

"I spoke truly," said the Plague, "I killed one thousand but the rest died of fright."

Unknown said...

Thinking positive is very important.For me is the most important thing.
I was fighting against a cancer stage 4.I think it is very important that family support to win, because i was very weak;really helped me participate in one group affected by cancer, so my mood improved, also helped me a lot a medical adviser in (they are doctors),this is important .I recomended not surrender, because sometimes the first treatment does not work as me, and sometimes change doctors it is necessary.Read positive thinking books gave me more energy.During my cancer,i changed my diet,now i eat vegetarian organic food(now i not eat meat).I think is a set of things that help.

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