Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A stupid idea in my opinion

So would you wear a breast cancer sensing bra? Or even add a smart device to your bra that would be an early warning for breast cancer? I think this is stupid.

The premise is that self exam and mammogram compliance is not 100% that this way your bra or a gizmo attached to it can detect breast cancer early. Hmmm.... Nope. No way.

Personally I wouldn't wear one if you paid me. I think it plays to the insecurities of all women who are scared they might develop breast cancer.

The developers of this gizmo have raised $560,000. It has the CE mark so they will start selling them in Singapore. This brainstorm  is because the Singapore government gave away 10,000 mammograms but only 30% were used so they feel the need is there. So are women in Singapore who didn't bother to get a free mammogram going to wear a gizmo on their bra? I am not so sure.

It still needs to get through FDA trials here and will take a few years but I won't be buying one. Sorry. I think this is an idea that had good intentions, but not going anywhere.

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Christine Tryon said...

Interesting concept. I think women are getting smarter. Only 30% took advantage of the the free mammograms.

I believe mammograms CAUSE more cancer than they find. Radiation causes cancer. I understand using it as a diagnostic tool when you find something suspicious, but on a routine basis.....NOT!

Good article and keep up the good work for your sisters everywhere!

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