Monday, April 28, 2014

Sued for not disclosing cancer had returned?

What? But it is a sad state of affairs for Valerie Harper. She was starring in a play in New York City and her brain cancer returned. The playwright and several producers are mad that she didn't tell them until she was having problems on stage from the treatment. So they filed a lawsuit. Tough cookies you guys!

Now I assume she was under some kind of contract with all sorts of weird clauses that you usually do not see outside the entertainment world. But it is stated in law that medical issues are no business of the employer. But they are mad so they are suing her.

And where is their compassion? You may remember in January she disclosed that she had three months to live as result of her brain cancer. She is now cautiously optimistic.

Let me just say a few things about this as I am seriously ticked off:
  1. You are morons and being childlike. She was sick and couldn't perform.
  2. She has cancer and doesn't know how long she will life.
  3. Its none of your business that she had cancer before and she had no way of knowing that it would recur.
  4. Finally, don't you have any sense of compassion?

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