Monday, April 14, 2014

My goal this week is to go to work

In the past two weeks I have worked 12.5 hours. I usually work 15-18 hours/week so you can say I am a tad bit 'behind'. My job isn't the kind where I have these huge looming deadlines but one where I have a consistent pile of projects that I keep digging away to keep under control. So now all my projects are behind.

When I went out the door on Friday (and I NEVER work on Fridays - this gives you an idea of how far behind I am), I said to my boss, instead of telling him when I would be in next, that my goal was to go to work this week. He laughed. But it is very true.

I am going to work today on a Monday. I almost never work Mondays. My preferred work week is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 8-2. A nice 18 hour work week. It gives me a four day weekend.

This weekend was a two day weekend. I hate two day weekends. I don't get enough rest. So today I am going to work for about four hours and then to the gym. I will be home around 2 I hope. Its supposed to be a beautiful spring day and I want to get out and enjoy it.

But I have to go to work this week.

I do have a secondary goal. I do not want to go to a medical facility this week. I have been driving both my parents to their appointments - my sister has been helping too. I have been at a medical facility approximately 3-4 times each week for the past month or so. This is between driving them and visiting my father. This has contributed to work rescheduling and working on Mondays and Fridays as well.

I need a break  from medical facilities.My brother is visiting this week. His role is that of chauffeur and deliverer to all medical appointments. My sister needs to get some work done on her car and this is her chance as well. Next week we will return to driving them after our break. I might even be caught up at work by then.

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