Friday, April 11, 2014

I'm taxing my brain here

These Internet hackers have to stop! They are taxing my brain! The latest is the heartbleed virus or bug or whatever it is that is forcing all of us to change our Facebook, Google (which includes Blogger, Google plus, Youtube and all sorts of other places), Yahoo, and Wikipedia among others. This is very annoying.

To reset passwords, its not as easy these days as logging in and going to account settings and bingo you are done. First they want you to remember your old password - I have no idea. I set up everything so the computer remembers it for me. Then you need to come up with a secure password which meets their criteria of enough characters, but not too many, with capitalization, numbers, and 'special characters'. Sometimes they insist on sending you a text to verify you really are you. And the new password can't be anything you have used before.

Then you need to go around and update all your devices where you use these accounts. My laptop, tablet, nook, and phone to start.

Finally you need to remember the new password. Do you have a secure system for saving your passwords? Do you keep it in an unsecured document on your computer? Do you keep it in a bunch of little cards where they are written down and scribbled updates? Do you hide it in your address book?

I have no brain. So when the world converted to the digital age from the analog one. I kept my Rolodex. It contains a few addresses that I haven't transferred and my passwords. I feel this is a very secure system. If a burglar breaks in they have to decipher my handwriting and figure out which website each belongs to. I feel this is very secure. But it has its drawbacks.

I have to remember to update it. And that doesn't always happen. I have to walk over to it and update the information. I know that recently I opened a new credit card and set up an online account but I didn't write down my log in information. I am a loser. I'll have to remember it to pay my bill, or just reset it this month when I pay.... Just like I did last month.... And the month before...

But all of this is taxing my brain. I have no brain. This is a known fact. I can't remember shit. If you tell me something today, I can guarantee I won't remember it tomorrow. I have to go write down my new passwords now before I forget and my brain is overtaxed for the day.

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