Friday, September 26, 2014

Non-helpful medical tests

A few weeks ago I had a sleep test and then an elbow MRI for separate issues. And the results? Nothing, nada, zip, nil. For both.

My PCP ordered the sleep test to see if I have apnea or other issues which may be interfering with my sleep. She said in addition to apnea, it can diagnose all sorts of problems. I did not sleep through the entire night of the sleep test even though I had taken an Ativan to ensure that.

And the results say 'no apnea' and nothing else. I asked my PCP about it and her suggestion was talk to behavioral (psychiatry) medicine about it and/or come see her when she has an opening. I am doing both.

Since I was headed to my meds therapist yesterday, I asked her about it. She said to try mild sleeping pills and take half a tablet when I can't sleep. And I can take up to two a night if needed. I don't remember what they are but will pick them up later today.

I also have an appointment to see my PCP in November. The problem with not sleeping and having RA and fibromyalgia, that cause fatigue, I need to get more sleep. And then I can't sleep. Which really sucks.

And my MRI, as I think I said previously, says it shows some bursitis but my doctor disagrees.

Aren't these helpful? Not really.

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