Friday, September 12, 2014

Up before the birds

This morning I got up at the perky cheerful hour of 430am. And it was intentional. Why you say? Because I had an MRI of my elbow.

I always take the weird time MRIs. MRI machines need to run continuously because it takes too long to shut them down and bring them back up again. There are always appointments available in the middle of the night or on holidays. I once had an MRI on Easter Sunday. Easter isn't a big deal for us so I didn't mind.

I digress. This morning I was up before the birds. It was dark and quiet when I went out my door. The sun was just beginning to come up but I didn't get to see the sunrise. It was dark when I got there with just a hint of the coming day.

So anyway, I bet you are dying to hear about my elbow. This is the same elbow that had tennis elbow a couple years ago that came back again. I wear a splint often on my right hand because of the tennis elbow and arthritis. Recently I discovered I had a bunch of cysts on my elbow. My PCP and rheumatologist said to keep a eye on them and let them know if they get bigger or hurt.

Of course they got bigger and hurt, especially when they get squished. Note to self, don't squish the  whatevertheyares or they hurt for hours. But we don't know what they are. They could be cysts. They could be rheumatoid nodules as a side effect of my methotrexate. But cysts and nodules don't hurt when squished.

So the mystery looms. I had an x-ray earlier this week and had the MRI this morning. We should know results next week. This may mean changing my RA treatment... But if you have had breasts cancer you can't have a lot of the newer biologics. So the fun continues.

Now I might need to go to bed early to make up for getting up so early.

My husband thinks I should get to  name my  new ailment because its probably something weird. And with everything I have I should get to name something after me...

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