Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The schedule juggle

Let me preface this all by saying I work part time with complete flexibility in my schedule and I can come and go as I please.

All I was trying to do yesterday was to schedule three fifteen minute appointments for a medical massage for my sore hamstring. The goal was one yesterday, one on Thursday, and one next Monday. The result was one yesterday, one tomorrow (Wednesday) and one October 12. To be fair, I will be out of town for a few days which complicates the matter. And the tech who does the massages only works Monday through Thursday.

I couldn't go Thursday because I already have to work and have two appointments in the afternoon. Tomorrow worked but I had to reschedule a different appointment and move it to today so I could fit it in. Next week the only times he had were ones when I wasn't available.

That is just this week. My schedule is not what we call empty and relaxing with a part time work schedule. I am always running around some place. Today is work, farmer's market, Dr appointment, and hair cut. I will leave at 730 am and return around 530.

Then sometimes when I am having a 'bad spell' (doesn't that sound antiquated or something), I just ditch everything and hibernate. That is what I did on Sunday. After our party Saturday, I woke up with bags under my eyes....

My body doesn't tolerate the schedule juggle and ensuing long, full days, any better than my calendar does. And every little change is complicated for both.

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