Sunday, March 15, 2015

A lovely few days

Its been a lovely few days. Wednesday I was in so much pain from my back, arm, and a headache I left work early. Thursday I had an 'oh so fun' back procedure and my headache hung around. Friday I didn't do much and my back hurt in recovery from the procedure and I still had a headache. Friday night I spent some quality time in the bathroom. Saturday I didn't do much of anything.

In the meantime all sorts of thoughts crossed my mind as only someone with multiple ailments can have:
  • Could my headache be the first signs of a brain tumor?
  • Why did I throw up? Was it something I ate? Was it a reaction to my medications? Did I develop an allergy to another medication (not for the first time)?
  • Could my headache be the first signs of a brain tumor?
  • When will I feel better? I have to go to work on Monday.
Then I woke up this morning and felt fine! What the difference a day can make. So today I get to go to a brunch with a bunch of friends I never get to see. But then I promise to come home and go to bed early.

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