Monday, March 16, 2015

Would you expect to get good medical advice in a tweet?

I read this article, The Doctor Will Tweet You Now, on and am not sure how I feel about it. I think its great that there are doctors on Twitter and other social media and sharing their knowledge and helping others. However, they cannot provide medical advice for you as the article states.

The focus of the article is that Dr. Attai, and two other doctors, who run an online support group on twitter #BSCM on Monday nights.Well that's great. How would it help me? Provide information on what I should ask my doctor and answer general treatment questions. I have been in support groups where a doctor's input would be appreciated from time to time.

However I would never expect to be diagnosed and treated by a doctor through a tweet. Even if I tweeted a video link to show what I was talking about, I would not accept their comments as more than advice on what to ask my doctor.

So why do they think its so great that they tweet etc? I'm just not sure. I am having a real problem with this and doubt I would ever use it.

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