Saturday, March 28, 2015

PCBs, Cancer and Schools

Back in early February, I blogged about being interviewed for an article on the PCB connection and cancer. Schools and other buildings built before 1979 often used PCBs in sealants and all sorts of other parts of the finishes.

Now the article is out and my part is not included which is no big deal. But the article provides a lot of good information on the problem with PCBs and the resulting health issues.

PCBs are a real problem in homes, schools, commercial and industrial buildings nationally. Many cancers are attributed to environmental factors and it would not surprise me if PCBs are one of them.

I went to one of the best school systems in the country but my elementary school was full of PCBs. Other than giving me a good education, did it give me bad health? That question cannot be answered and I cannot waste time on worrying about the causes and blame. I need to move forward but I hope the EPA and other entities take notice and work to remove them and other toxins from our lives.

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