Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Doing my research

Every so often, I get the good idea to get my medical reports and review them myself. I do this because people tell me I should have the copies of my test results. I try to do what I am told, am often curious, and too impatient to wait for the doctor to tell me at our next visit.

Then I take my little reports home with me and try to decipher them. Why is my RBC below normal? Answer it has never recovered since chemo and it is just under normal. Some of the other tests I do not really understand. I do some research and end up at medical articles where I need to go to med school to be able to decipher.

At some point, I always say to myself "Why am I doing this anyway?" Sometimes I convince myself I have some deadly disease or ailment that will kill me without immediate treatment. Other times I convince myself that I really am healthy with just a few bad test results.

But my point is that I do my research and feel I should more frequently get my test results and monitor them better. For example my last blood test included my C-Reactive protein measurement. This is what tells the level of my rheumatoid and whether I am experiencing a flare up or not.

Unfortunately I don't think I have enough of my blood test results. But need to dig through my files to see what they have been in the past so I can continue to track them. Then I can continue to do research and see if I am going to live or not.

Or I can just continue to self diagnose myself into every ailment known to man.

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