Monday, March 30, 2015

Its Movie Time!

Tonight is the premier of "Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies" on PBS at 9 pm. The book was long and the movie actually is in three 2-hour parts airing through Wednesday night. I blogged about this a while back, I also read the book a couple of years ago. During the past week, I have also watched several trailers as well. Now the Tivo is set up to record it as it is on too late for me.

I am looking forward to this movie, or mini-series. But I do have a few reservations:
  • It was a long book and while it was fairly entertaining, it was long. It wasn't a book to sit down and read on the beach. It took some thinking and digesting. I would read a few chapters and ponder them for a few days or a week and then read more.
  • Although I reassured some in my other blog post, it does concern me that it is it is about cancer, which is not the most cheerful of topics. And sometimes I am just not in the mood to watch cancer-cancer-cancer.
  • Sometimes I have problems watching other people going through their cancer journeys. I have found some stories to be too drama filled, or sad, or have me wondering 'what were these people thinking?' when they or a family member were diagnosed with cancer.
  • If it is six hours of doctors talking about medical breakthroughs, I am not sure I will make it through. 
  • There is no way I am going to stay up (with a cold, on a weeknight, three nights in a row) until 11 pm.
So it may take  me a few days or a week or so to watch the entire six hours. I do hope to watch it and enjoy it. I will probably blog about it again when I am done.

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Scott J said...

Not sure if I'm ready to watch this. My media studies self tells me some of these "documentaries" make a spectacle or event of something that isn't really informative. Maybe the idea of dramatization that TV forces on subjects makes them false ways of "knowing" about something? Story telling is a powerful medium but on film it might be too removed or lack the vitality of the actual.

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