Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Is there a PCB connection?

One of the many questions I have about my health is 'why?'. As in why the hell do I have all these ailments? You cannot imagine how many little conversations and convoluted theories I have had with myself as to why my health has been in the toilet for so long.

I mean there is no history of breast or thyroid cancer in my family. My mother and grandfather have rheumatoid arthritis but I was told that I would probably not have RA but possibly other autoimmune disease such as lupus, etc. But no, I got them anyway. And I have the eternal question 'why?'.

One theory is PCBs. Research has shown that PCBs are carcinogenic. It has also shown PCBs can influence the immune system and cause hormonal issues due to estrogen mimicking. But is this really true? Could there be an impact by PCB exposure that could possibly have contributed to my health?

Then I found out the elementary school I attended for six years was full of PCBs and was torn down as because of the health impact it could have. Then yesterday I learned that Malibu High School was shown to also have PCBs and three teachers whose classrooms had the highest levels of PCBs were diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

One of the reasons I learned some things about PCBs yesterday is I spoke with a reporter who went to the same elementary school with me who is writing an article for TakePart.com on PCBs in schools and related health issues. It should be out in a couple of months. I am sure our conversation was a very small portion of the article, if any, but I am very interested to see what he says.

So where does that leave me? Could there be a cause here? Or am I grasping at straws? Still? The proverbial why question eternally unanswered. Or maybe not.

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