Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Withheld information

A few times in my life, I have had people say me 'we didn't want to tell you but so-and-so was diagnosed with cancer, we thought it might upset you'. I hate this. It goes back to my request not to treat me any different because of my health. Unless you want to shower me with money.

I am capable of handling news about other people diagnosed with cancer. I live in cancerland where everyone has cancer. Its not a nice thing to hear about someone getting cancer but believe me I can handle it. The only time it would upset me seriously would be if it was me again. And it really pisses me off when information is withheld.

Just a little rant today. Its been on my mind recently.

Separately I just learned yesterday that an old friend from childhood who lived across the street was diagnosed with breast cancer and died 8 weeks later. Her cancer was hidden behind a benign breast condition so it was not diagnosed until too late. This makes me sad that this could happen in this day and age of modern medicine. She was 54.

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