Thursday, February 5, 2015

What did I miss?

I blog every day about events and issues that touch me. I also read a lot of other blogs as well. Many of them are on my favorite subject, cancer. Last night when I got home I caught up on the day's blog posts. Through them, I learned that I missed World Cancer Day.

I may have celebrated it in the past but through my chemo brain/fibro fog, I don't remember. I don't even know what World Cancer Day is about. Should I?

I guess its some kind of awareness or appreciation day to remember people with cancer. But this year it really isn't something I am interested in. Cancer apathy maybe? I am not sure.

My thoughts are that these appreciation days get to be too much. If every week contained a holiday or two, would they matter that much any more?

Maybe I just need a vacation. We have been blasted by snow recently and I have been stuck at home. I can't shovel because of my back and other health issues, so I can't just dig out of two feet of snow and hop in my car to go somewhere. Never mind the fact that we no longer have room to put snow anywhere.
Last week I didn't go to work on two days due to the blizzard and then had a cold so I worked only one day. This week we were snowed in on Monday and Tuesday this week so I finally made it to work yesterday. Snow fatigue anyone?

But back to my topic (I know I have a tendency to babble and get side tracked), I get so focused on my life that I sometimes ignore the rest of the world, or even my neighborhood. I am wrapped up in dealing with being snow bound, dealing with a very painful back, trying to lose some weight (the scale is obviously broken because it is going in the wrong direction), and coping with new prescription changes (thank you health insurance). I couldn't care less about what is going on in the rest of the day. Well I keep up with the news (and am completely appalled by the death of the Jordanian pilot) and try to stay current. But a little awareness day didn't pierce my little bubble until after it happened. Ooops.

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