Monday, February 23, 2015

Forward thinking

After getting eight feet of snow since January 25 (less than a month ago), I am trying to be forward thinking. We are not due to get a blizzard this week - which is fortunate because we have no more places to put the snow. The city of Boston called "Uncle" a while back. Today we woke up to 29 degrees. But nevertheless it will be around 5 degrees overnight tonight.

I look at my spring gardening catalogs and think about what to plant in the garden this year. I have no hope of planting anything soon as this is my front walk.

This would be a bit better.

(This is not my front walk, a cousin sent me the picture.)

But I digress. I am trying to be forward thinking. But I have a real  problem. The *(#&%$@&^ hospital has decided that it would be better to send an individual notice for each medical appointment a week or two before it, instead of a list of all appointments.

Look, I have chemobrain, fibro fog and general forgetfulness. I need you to send me long lists of appointments so I can keep track of them, especially when you change them on me. If I knew who to complain to on this I would.

But since I do have a doctor appointment tomorrow I will be sure to ask for an updated list so I can remember.

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