Saturday, February 21, 2015

Over Doing Things

Have you seen the ad on TV for some fibromyalgia drug that shows a woman standing in her kitchen with an overflowing sink of dirty dishes? She says she doesn't have the energy to take care of everything because of the pain and fatigue caused by fibro. And then she started taking this amazing medication and is able to again (followed by a million potential side effects).

That is sort of me. I mean I have fibromyalgia and the fatigue and insomnia that go along with it. And I am on one of the drugs with the fancy ad campaigns. But I deal more and more with the fatigue and insomnia and pain. And I am on additional medications to take care of the side effects.

And then what do I do? I keep on volunteering to help other organizations. I guess I have a problem saying no. And then I have no time to relax and take care of the fatigue and pain for a bit. So I end up overdoing things and am totally fatigued to a point where I feel like I am too tired to sleep.

But now I have to work on the word no. My health has made it apparent that I can't keep volunteering and have to learn how to tell people "I'm sorry but I am not able to help you as I previously thought".

But to be perfectly honest, I am really sick of my body preventing me from doing the things that I want to do. Its a huge frustration for me. I want to continue to do things and my body keeps letting me down. If I had my way I would never had cancer and any of these ailments at all. But since that is not to be, I will suck it up and keep on going. And work on that word 'no'.

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Unknown said...

Totally with you. I do 1 volunteer job, which is on the phone. At times I can't cope with that I push myself to do as much housework as I can, albeit I have a cleaner come in every 2 weeks to do bathrooms, floors, dusting & occasional extras.

Totally fed up with it all.

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