Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A nice doctor appointment

Yesterday I met with my endocrinologist, a/k/a the thyroid cancer doctor. Last year was a horrendous experience.

I was very pleased on arrival to note that the idiot nurses manning the front desk at previous visits were no longer there. They forgot me last year, which added to my stress. I used to learn a lot about their personal lives as they chatted continuously at the desk instead of managing the patients. But this year, there were new nurses and they were nice. And they did not forget me.

I met with the doctor and we had a nice conversation. My numbers are where they are supposed to be, one is a little high which means my dose is too low (its backwards with thyroid numbers - more medication to reduce numbers) so my meds are tweaked. Which means more blood work in eight weeks and six months.

Next year I will see her again, unless there are problems with my new medication level and have an ultrasound to make sure there are no cancer cooties lurking around.

It was a nice doctor appointment, free of stress and all that. I can live with that. After cancer, all we can hope for is that the cancer cooties do not return.

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