Thursday, April 23, 2015

Running ragged and then some

I've been running myself ragged and am not recharging. This week I have had several long days. Well not just that week, last week as well. Long emotionally and physically draining days. Repeated again and again. These are the days where I come home and am too tired to walk up the stairs. I haven't had the time to rest that I need but I am still moving, somewhat.

And then to top everything off, yesterday I came home physically and emotionally drained. I got out of the car and hear that really bad noise, 'ssssssssssssssssssssssss', as the air drained out of my rear tire. There is a piece of metal sticking out of it. I called AAA and the tire store. I got the spare put on the car. Instead of resting for an hour this morning, I get to rush out the door early and got see if I can get the tire repaired before going to work.

Did I sleep last night? Not really. Even though I took a pill, it took a long time to fall asleep and then I was up at 12 and at 3. Grrr....

I need a day off to rest. Not sure I can fit it in tomorrow but I will get some rest. Soon. Or I might fall asleep in public. Triple grr.


Celine said...

Dear Caroline,
I love your blog. It is informative, it is funny, I relate to some of it, it is like my little sweet treat if only food still tasted good! I am 37 and a mother of 2, was diagnosed with IDC 2 months ago, and just completed my second round of chemo. Surgery, radiation and hormone will come later. I was really ignorant about the world of cancer, and it has been a rude awakening. Chemo is very hard. And so reading your well-written witty blog is a little joy. Thank you :)

Mandi said...

I found myself nodding off in meetings yesterday. REST! Take a break. I plan on sleeping a lot the next few days (hopefully I actually do it).

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